Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the ingredients in RealVigor?

There are 7 ingredients in RealVigor. Each capsule contains 350 mg comprising of the following ingredients:

Polyrachis Vicinia Extract – 100mg
Eurycoma Longofolia Extract – 100mg
Horny Goat Weed extract – 75mg
Tribulus Terrestris extract – 75mg
Smilax myosotiflora Extract – 50mg
Butea Superba extract – 50mg
Cynomorium songaricum extract -25mg

Total  500mg/capsule

Q. What is the recommended dosage?

Take one capsules a day ( with warm water ) for first 3 days and then one capsule every 3 – 4 days.  For quicker results, remove the capsule and consume only the powder (without the capsule).  From our experience, this is the best dosage as this will give you rock hard erectiob on demand.

The effect of RealVigor can be felt for up to 4 days after consumption.

Subsequently, as your blood circulation improves, you may cut down to 1 capsule per intake and still obtain the desired results.

RealVigor can also be taken for instant energy enhancement. If you feel tired and lethargic, take 1 RealVigor capsule every alternate day to boost up your energy. Many of our users are long-distance truck drivers and taxi drivers who need the energy to stay alert and fresh while on the road.

Q. How Does RealVigor Work?

RealVigor, with its unique combination of herbs, helps to enhance blood flow to the penis and also boost the libido by increasing the testosterone level. (Men with low libido will find erectile dysfunction drugs ineffective.)

RealVigor is not only for sexual enhancement. The unique combination of herbs that we have specially prepared actually helps to improve your blood circulation, energy level and overall health and well-being.

Q. When should I take RealVigor?

Do not take RealVigor if you are tired, drunk or are not in the mood for sex, or you might not feel the effects. RealVigor is best taken ONE hour before a meal (on an empty stomach) or AT LEAST TWO HOURS after a meal.

Q. Can RealVigor be taken with alcohol?

RealVigor can be taken with alcohol, without experiencing a drop in efficacy.

Q. Can Instant RealVigor be taken by pregnant women?

RealVigor is made for men only.

Q. Is RealVigor a drug?

No. RealVigor is 100% herbal and is made entirely of natural herbs.

Q. Are there any adverse side effects?

To date, there has not been any reported cases of adverse side effects.  However, a small percentage of users with pre-existing poor blood circulation did experience a slight headache after consuming RealVigor. This is due to improved blood flow to the brain. However, regular consumption of RealVigor will eliminate this problem.

Q. Will Instant RealVigor interfere with other medications?

To date, there are no known complications arising from Hard Rod and drug interaction.

Q. Is it safe to take RealVigor if I have a heart problem, hypertension, diabetes or other medical condition?

RealVigor does not trigger excessive pressure towards the heart or blood pressure. However, in general, anyone on medical supervision should consult a doctor before taking any new kind of herbal supplement.

Q. Is RealVigor an approved herbal supplement?

RealVigor is manufactured according to stringent GMP standards in a certified ISO factory and has been tested and declared safe for consumption. RealVigor is made entirely from safe herbs.

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